Wix: Give a Stunning look to Your Website

Wix: Give a Stunning look to Your Website

Wix is one of the most popular cloud website development platforms. It helps the users to create their websites and manage them easily without much difficulty. The software provides you with a drag and drop feature for your website. The feature helps you in creating the highly customized website and makes the website look excellent.


Wix offers you with specialized tools which will help you in creating an excellent website.  If you take a look at the design features, the firm offers to all business houses.  The main aim is to provide you with a built-in image editor and about 26 languages support for you all.  Apart from that all, it comes with nearly 200 widgets as well and it can help you in enhancing the website. With such a massive range of features for the website builders, it got the ”2019 Best eCommerce software award”.


Benefits of WIX

If you are thinking of getting your website on WIX, then it provides you with the following benefits.

  • It is the most reliable hosting site for any website.
  • You can get the  SMB friendly feature from here.
  • It provides access to all eCommerce modules quickly.
  • All the content that you will post here will be SEO optimized.
  • You can develop a fully optimized mobile website.
  • You will get excellent customer support from here.

Overview of WIX features

Here are the features that a user will have when availing the Wix service.


The very first feature that you will get here is editor.  When you  click on the editor, then it starts to display the webpage, menu bar and key functions. You will not find any floating palettes while accessing the ADI editor.


The users who are trying to customize the site, can easily hover the mouse cursor over the section and can edit the designs. Moreover, the next way is to click on it and edit the properties in the sidebar.   Among these all functions, ADI does not support the drag and drop feature.


The next thing that you will get from here is supports for Keyboard shortcuts, core-editing functions, visual previews and many more.

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The next feature you will get from here is the multimedia support.  With the help of the media section, you can add images, music, videos and even slideshows effect. It offers you with a cloud-based media storage bin and you can add your favourite images there.  If you are uploading any image, then it must be maximum 25MB in size.


Furthermore, it gives additional features like high bandwidth, user stats, document viewers and many more.




It is the platform for bloggers and you can easily create your blogs by using a simplified editor.  The editor options of the blogs provide  you plenty of editing options. Apart from that, you can add tags as well as categories and you can set meta titles as well.


Moreover, an insights system can give you all details about your traffic, reach and comes with Google AMP support. The support offers you high mobile load times and can make your search results rankings better.


Price model of WIX

If you look at the pricing details of the WIX, it comes with the different plans. You can choose any of the plans as per your wish and can start creating your website.

Free trial- If you are not sure about how it will be right for you, then the company provides a free trial for you. In it, you will get the following things.

  1. Unlimited pages
  2. 500 MB storage
  3. Secure hosting
  4. Mobile site

Connect domain- $4.50 per month

  1. 500 MB storage
  2. Basic use
  3. 1 GB Bandwidth
  4. Own domain

Combo- $8.50 per month

  1. 3 GB storage
  2. 2 GB bandwidth
  3. Custom Favicon
  4. Personal use

Unlimited- $12.50 per month

  1. Unlimited Bandwidth
  2. 10 GB storage
  3. No WIX ads
  4. Site booster

eCommerce- $16.50 per month

  1. Unlimited Bandwidth
  2. 20 GB storage
  3. No WIX ads
  4. Site booster

VIP- $24.50 per month

  1. 10 email campaigns every month
  2. 20 GB storage
  3. Unlimited bandwidth
  4. No WIX ads

How to install WIX on your PC?

Wix is an excellent  platform for all small to medium business houses and bloggers as well.  As a new customer, you always search for how to install and use Wix. Well, if you are using a PC, then you can access the Wix directly via www.wix.com. To make it easy here are basic steps.

  1.     visit www.wix.com, and there you can create your account
  2.     After creating your account, log in there by entering email and password.
  3.     After log in, you will be directed to the edit and manage website.
  4.     Choose your plan and type of website you want and start your own website.


What kind of customer support is available for WIX?

Wix comes with an excellent customer support feature. If you have any queries, then you can ask for assistance via the Ticket system. There you can ask your question, and the support team will answer you within 36 hours. Apart from that all, you can avail of telephone support as well and request a call back. The service is available during office hours only.

You can get the support from Wix staff, and you can get in touch with them quickly via different means. By contacting them you can get a pleasant experience here from the staff.


Why is WIX popularly used for?

Wix platform is popularly used for website building for all business houses.


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