The 5 Best Cheap Smartwatches of 2021

The 5 Best Cheap Smartwatches of 2021

Smartwatches are one of the most advanced wearable devices that you can find in recent times. The watches in the past were just for seeing the times. But gone are those days. With the help of smartwatches, you can achieve much of your data. A smartwatch helps you in fitness tracking, the watch record your data and body movement to help you keep fit. Besides, the smartwatch is also a mini smartphone that lets you answer calls, send messages, view notifications, and many more. However, you may not find the LTE connectivity in some of the smartwatches.

On top of it, many more features make the smartwatch a desirable device to possess. Some of more top-features that you will achieve from smartwatches are music control and NFC. On the other hand, you will find an extensive range of smartwatches available in the market. In such cases, finding the right wearable technology is a tedious job. The decision of buying the right also depends on your priorities and usage. If you are only expecting fitness tracking, you may get standard watches at great prices. However, if you need additional apps and usability, you will have to spend more.

Whether it is for daily wear or for occasional use, smartwatches fit into every use. Thus, in this guide, you are going to learn about the top five best smartwatches that are advanced yet wallet-friendly. The professionals have handpicked some of the most exceptional smartwatches that offer you invincible versatility. This guide also has categorized the smartwatches into five distinct sections to help you the best. Thus, explore the best smartwatches of 2021.

List of  5 Best Cheap Smartwatches

Best for all users: Apple Series 3 GPS watch

If you have been an iPhone user, then Apple Wearable would be your natural choice. It is because; Apple doesn’t allow compatibility of its devices with any other devices. The Apple watch series 3 is a premium watch from Apple that offers you appealing performance and features. When it is about getting the best of what you need, then you should make no compromise in buying the Apple watch series 3. This watch will let you enjoy a combination of a sporty yet classy look.

Some of the best features that you get in this smart wearable are onboarding GPS, a Swim-proof watch, detailed fitness tracking, access to Apple play and Apple music, seamless connectivity with iPhone, iMac, and iPad. The watch enables you to make phone calls and send text messages using the watch. It also has the speech-to-text conversion feature that converts your speech to text to send text messages. The battery cycle of this watch is also exceptional. You will get 18 hours of run-time using the watch.


  • Includes Apple Pay
  • Deliver detailed fitness tracking and features
  • Work smoothly with all the devices


  • Battery life is 18 hours only
  • It doesn’t have the latest watch OS tech
  • No cellular connectivity

Best in Android: Fossil gen 5 Carlyle 

The following one on the list is a delight for all Android users. If you use an Android smartphone, this Fossil gen 5 is the most feature-rich wearable you can access. This watch is a true amalgamation of traditional time tracking along with innovative wearables features. The best thing about this watch is that the Watch OS of Fossil gen 5 is compatible with iOS and Android OS. However, Android users will feel this is more comfortable for their smart wearables.

The watch comes with a speaker mic combo that offers you access to the Google Assistant. With your voice prompt on this device, you can access any information. With Bluetooth connectivity to your Android smartphone, you can achieve Bluetooth calling option. The connectivity options that you can achieve also include NFC, GPS, and Wi-Fi. Some of the additional features of this device include fitness and activity tracking; You can track your workout, swimming, and sleeping time. The users can also achieve personalization with an extensive range of watch faces.


  • Offers you Bluetooth phone calls
  • Built-in Google Assistant
  • Fast charging
  • GPS and heart rate tracking


  • Limited battery time
  • Lack detailing in fitness tracking

Best in minimalist: Samsung Galaxy Fit

If you don’t want to make a huge impact on your wallet and only want the basic fitness feature, then this watch on the list is a great choice. This watch is best in its range that helps you stay active. The watch is not like the advanced wearables. Instead, it is a bracelet-style watch that weighs just 23 grams. The watch is a great choice for all the smaller wrists and those who want to stay minimalistic.

The display size that you get with the watch is 1-inch in size. Thus, it doesn’t offer you a lot of surfaces to interact with the screen. Further, the watch also lacks onboard GPS. However, the metrics that you get in a daily workout are accurate. There are some other handfuls of features that you can get along with the watch. It includes canned text replies, long battery life that lasts till a week, and most vitally the military-grade durability.


  • Ultra-light in weight
  • Battery life lasts till a week
  • Detailed fitness tracking


  • The touch screen is not much responsive
  • Band fitting may not be comfortable
  • No onboard GPS

Best in class for fitness: Fitbit versa 2 Fitness smartwatch 

The fitness enthusiasts will fall in love with this watch. The versa 2 in terms of design looks quite similar to the Apple watch. It offers you a square-shaped display that comes upscale. Further, the silicone band that comes with the watch looks great. Aesthetically, the watch looks very tempting. However, it also offers you some of the best fitness features. It includes tracking daily activities, calorie burn, Steps tracking, heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, stress level monitoring, and blood oxygen saturation level.

Further, the two versa also come with some other smart features. It includes NFC payments, Alexa, and access to reply to text messages. Not all smartwatches within the same range offer you such features. If you are employing an Android phone, you can use and store up to 3000 music. You can also access Spotify using the smartwatch. Besides, the watch also offers you impressive battery power. With a single-full charge, you can use the watch for up to six days.


  • Lighter in weight
  • Premium design
  • Advanced fitness tracking


  • Music storage comes limited
  • It offers you Spotify playback only
  • Canned text messages are possible in the case of android phones only

Best in battery life: Amazfit Bip 

The Amazfit Bip is another best watch in the range that tells that you don’t have to always buy premium wearables to get your usability. This watch is affordable for all users and also is much lighter in weight. Thus, it doesn’t create any stress on your wallet or wrist. The display size that you get in this watch is 1.2 inches. Further, the display is also IP68 dust and splash resistance. Like all other watches, this smartwatch also offers you some of the best smart features.

It includes Fitness tracking, phone notification accessing, heart rate monitoring, and many more; The watch also offers you GPS Sensors. These GPS sensors tell about your locations. However, when it is about adding more apps, getting more features, this watch may not compete. The music storage and playback control are also not possible with this smartwatch. If you want all essential tracking, then this watch is a great choice for you. One thing that will impress you the most is the 45-day long battery life.




  • Exceptional battery life
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight and durable


  • No music playback or storage
  • Lack many advanced features
  • No option to personalize

Buying Guide: how to pick the best smart wearables?

There are many factors that you need to consider while buying the smartwatch. You may have access to some of the top watches on the list. However, again choosing one of them is a vital thing to consider. The smart wearable that you are buying must meet your purpose and need. That is why you need a buyer to make the best buying decision. Here are some attributes that you need to consider if you are buying a smartwatch.

Platform and compatibility 

The first thing that you need to consider is the platform and compatibility. The platform here means the watch OS. If you are employing an Android device, you may not have the choice to buy Apple Watch. This is because; the Apple Watch OS is only compatible with iOS devices. Further, if you want Android connectivity, you will need Android-compatible watches only. Tus, platform is one of the most vital factors that you need to consider. Before buying any smartwatch, you should carefully read the instruction to ensure that it is compatible with your watch.

One example of compatibility is the canned text replies are only limited to Android users. Thus, you should always see compatibility.

The fitness features and other features

The subsequent thing that you need to consider is your purpose for buying the watch. If you are a fitness enthusiast and want a watch for only fitness tracking, then you should always go for a basic minimalistic watch that is rough and touches. The fitness watches usually offer military-grade durability.

On the other hand, you should always go for a premium watch if you want an additional feature like call answering and managing, texts, and other use. This is why you should always find your purpose your buying the smartwatch. Knowing the purpose will also let you know the features that you will find in your potential watch.

Battery life 

This is one of the most indispensable factors that you can never ignore. The battery life is what most users usually demand in their smartwatches. Some smartwatches offer battery life that lasts 45 days or a month. However, if you wish for greater battery life, then the premium watches may not offer you so. It is because; the premium and advanced watches have many features and apps that drain the battery quicker. The minimalistic watches are best in range if you want more battery life.


Another determinant that you need to consider is the design. When you are buying a smart wearable, it is evident that it will be your daily wear. In such cases, the watch’s design is such that it will suit and complement your wrist. Some smartwatches come with a bracelet design, and some watches come with a square design. Thus, choose the one that suits you.

This is how you can choose the best smartwatch. Now that you know the tips, here are some of your FAQS answered.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best smartwatch to buy in 2021?

The smartwatch that you want to buy depends on your use. The best for Apple users is Apple Watch Series 3. Similarly, the best in Android is Fossil gen 5 Carlyle.

Which watch offers the best battery life?

Based on the feature and use, Versa 2 offers you the best battery life. However, in terms of fitness tracking, the Galaxy fit is the best option.

Which smartwatch should I Buy?

The smartwatch that you will buy depends on your use. If you are an iOS user, you can go for the Apple Watch Series 3.

Does all the watch offer accurate fitness tracking?

Not all watches offer you accurate fitness tracking. The Apple Watch and Versa 2 offer you the best tracking.


Keeping it short, these are the best five smartwatches that you should buy in 2021. Now that you know the best five, you can make the best decision. However, it would be great if you never overlook the factors mentioned in the buying guide. The shopping director will help you make the best buying decision. Every attribute has its own importance and lets you determine the wearable that you need to buy. If you have any more recommendations or doubts, you may leave your comment in the comment section below.

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