PUBG Mobile India: Now an Enrolled Company in India initiates game launching!

PUBG Mobile India: Now an Enrolled Company in India initiates game launching!

Well, are you also hearing gossips about PUBG India Pvt Ltd game launch? If yes! You need to brace yourselves as the ministry of corporate affairs PUBG is about to come up with big news. This news would blow the minds of all PUBG enthusiasts. As per the PUBG press conference, the game that won millions in India’s hearts is soon to return. And it’s real news.

PUBG has been one of the most excited as well as loved games in India. But both of these games faced restrictions in India due to its connection with China. But thanks to its massive enthusiasm in India, PUBG is soon going to re-launch in India. And this time, the company will have no connections with any organizations from China. The most exciting news for all PUBG lovers is that it has been registered again before its launching. But this time, the game has finally been registered as PUBG India private limited.

Further, in the PUBG mobile India press conference, the company announces that they will set up a local office and re-launch the app in India. This Local office would contribute towards the research and development of Indian Video games, online sports, and the entertainment sector. Now that you are finally clear that PUBG mobile India private limited is coming up with PUBG for India, you can also get all relevant information on PUBG mobile India official page.

PUBG India headquarters

If you still don’t believe that PUBG is re-launching in India, then this part of the article will make you assured. This is because; the new company bringing PUBG to India has been registered at Karnataka, Bengaluru. This office in Bengaluru would be the headquarters of the Indian Subsidiary of PUBG. Further, this headquarters will also control all the operations of the PUBG India game.

Leaders of PUBG

The head of Krafton corporate development, Sean Sohn, has been allotted as one of the two PUBG mobile India administrators. And the other director is an Indian national. He is Kumar Krishan Iyer; he has worked as an administrator in more than ten corporate organizations. So, that is what will bring a perfect balance in the future of PUBG mobile India. With the registration of the company in India, both these functional directors have also been registered.

Future strategy

While its announcement for re-entering into the Indian Market, PUBG Corporation has also come up with the news. This time the company is investing $100 million into a new organization. And this time, the company will serve as India’s Subsidiary. But there are also rumors that PUBG corporations are looking for publishers. And they are having meetings with Paytm, Reliance Jio, and Airtel for this. So, soon you would be getting PUBG mobile Indian version download link.

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