OnePlus Introduced Airport Charging

OnePlus Introduced Airport Charging

OnePlus introduced an airport charging feature with the help of the notification delivery system for all nearby users

OnePlus has rolled out a fantastic feature for its users. It has announced, OnePlus is installing charging stations in Indian airports with fast charging support Wrap Charge 30. Also, this company has rolled out another fantastic feature that is called Nearby charging station. It will notify every OnePlus users when they are near any charging station at any airport.

All charging stations will use a wireless beacon to notify all nearby OnePlus users. The beacons are also integrated into all charging stations. And with the help of this beacon, your OnePlus phone can identify a nearby charging station. It will also help you to see the exact location of charging station and also allow you to track it.

But to enjoy this system, your device requires some software program support. Initially, OnePlus rolling out this system support to the OnePlus 7, OnePlus 8, and Nord series. And OnePlus six series support is also going to support it.

If you are not interested in charging your phone at airport, you can mute it. When a supported phone detects any nearby charging station, then an immediate notification will come with proper direction to station.

OnePlus fast-charging station has been installed in Bengaluru and soon going to install in New Delhi. Interestingly these charging stations will support Wrap Charge 30 feature, and this will come with USB ports. It would help if you also carry your proprietary red cable.

These OnePlus company charging stations are contained regular power where you can power up your device. If you would like to enjoy this feature, then it needs to enable on your OnePlus device. You can also mute this option for 6 hours. Eventually, users want to see airport charging stations across India.

OnePlus has expected that it may take a while for eligible devices to enjoy this feature. Also, OnePlus is looking to install these charging stations in other airports across the country. In the future, OnePlus’s demand and supply curve will rise tremendously due to its user-friendly features.

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