Most Frequently Asked Questions about Apple Products

Most Frequently Asked Questions about Apple Products

Most Frequently Asked Questions about Apple Products

No doubt, Apple is the most premium brand when it comes to the gadget. All the products developed by Apple come with their own perks. It offers you a seamless UI to operate your smart devices. Further, it also concentrates on research and development. And that’s what makes it a premium brand.

People who are keen to use Apple products have a lot of questions in their mind. So, here are some frequently answered questions on Apple Products.

What is the best Apple product?

The best apple product in 2020 is Mac Book Air. It is one of the best-selling Apple Laptops that have ruled the market. Besides, two other Mac book pro models are also considered as the best. However, people are crazy about the Apple iPhone also. The recently launched Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max is a sensation among the users.

What are all the Apple products?

All Apple products include:

  • iPhone
  • Apple watch
  • Apple TV
  • iPad
  • Macintosh
  • iOS
  • Homepod
  • Mac OS
  • iPod
  • Logic Pro
  • Garage band
  • Final Cut Pro
  • Pages
  • watch OS
  • iWork
  • TV OS
  • Apple AirPods

These are all the products that Apple has launched to date. However, there are many more to come in the upcoming year.

What products are made by Apple?

All the hardware products that Apple sells are made by Apple. It includes products like iPhone, iPad, iPod, MacBook, Apple TV, Apple Watch, Air pods, home pods, and many more. It also provides software products like MAC OS, TV OS, iOS, Keynote, Logic Pro, pages, and many more.

Are Apple products good?

Apple merchandises are known for their security and advanced UI. So, yes, Apple products are good products. They will offer durability as compared to any other products. However, good is not the only term that describes price. It may be a little pricey, but the products are worth it.

Does Apple sell online?

Yes, Apple does sell online. It has a digital store where you can find a wide range of Apple products and accessories. By accessing the Apple online store, you can take advantage of all the features like MAC customization, iPad engraving, and many more. It also sells certified refurbished products at Apple’s online store. So, you can also buy online.

How can I buy cheap Apple products?

If you want to buy a Cheap Apple product, you can compare various eCommerce websites that offer you Apple products. However, every model of Apple product has a cheaper version. For example, if you desire to buy Apple iPhone at a more affordable price, you can have iPhone SE.

Why are Apple products bad?

None of the Apple products are bad. However, comparing with price, Apple products may be a little pricier than other Android products. They make a high-quality device. And you need a lot of budgets to buy Apple Products.

Why Apple products are so expensive?

Apple’s products are expensive because it has its own reputation. And the brand name allows it to charge a premium price for its high-end products. Besides, every product developed by Apple assures premium hardware and software. It also offers you more storage; and increases its price even more.

Does Apple ever give away free products?

No, Apple doesn’t offer any giveaway or offer any free merchandise in any way. It doesn’t give away any of its products in any form or shape.

What is the cheapest Apple product?

There are several ranges of Apple products that are cheaper in price. You need to compare the prices and buy the cheapest one as per your budget. However, Apple doesn’t provide any too good to be true deals. So, you must visit Apple’s online store to know about the cheapest products.  Here are a few cheapest Apple products offered by Apple:

  • USB adapter
  • Lightning cable
  • USB-C 3.5 MM headphone jack adapter

What is so special about the iPhone?

The best thing about Apple iPhone is it makes sure that all its apps are functioning smoothly. That makes the device seamless to use. Besides, the UI of Apple offers the best user experience. And that’s what makes it special. Users who use Apple iPhone will always find smoothness in using all the Apple iPhone.

Why is Apple so expensive?

Apple products are expensive because of their research and development factor. Every time Apple launches new products, it comes up with a new and advanced feature that has never been invented. Besides, some other factors make it expensive as well. It includes:

  • Software and components factor
  • Reputation Factor
  • Storage and memory factor
  • Premium components factor

Which country iPhone is cheapest?

The cheapest countries to buy an iPhone are the USA, UAE, and Hong Kong, Japan. However, if you will rank them in terms of price, the cheapest country to buy an iPhone is Japan. Then comes Russia, Mexico, Thailand, United States, South Korea, UAE, Hong Kong, Australia, Singapore, and Hungary. There are countries also below in the list. But these are the preeminent ones.

Why is Apple cheaper on Amazon?

Apple products are cheaper on Amazon because; Apple offers an incredible wholesale price to Amazon if Amazon is buying it in bulk. As Amazon has a super-efficient distribution model, Apple customers can get Apple products at a lesser cost. This is because Amazon doesn’t use its profit margin.

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