iPhone vs Android: Reasons to Choose iOS Over Android.

iPhone vs Android: Reasons to Choose iOS Over Android.

It is needless to say that iOS and Android have a separate fan base. Some people love Android for its hardware and software customization. And some people love iOS for its UI and artificial intelligence. But do you know iOS is always a better platform over Android? Now, you must be querying why iPhone is better than Android?

Well, there are several advantages of iPhone over Android.  Not only this modern-age device works smoothly, but it also integrates AI that makes it more convenient for use. So, if you are watching to buy a new smartphone, here are some reasons why should you choose iOS over Android?

Best integration between the hardware and software

iPhone is always known for its hardware and software integration. The touch displays of iOS are smart enough to sense the force of touch and enable you to take immediate actions. For example, you can open your email with just a light tap. And a long touch with stress will enable you to perform several actions to the mail. This feature in Android came after ages.

Further, you can also adjust the sensitivity level to enhance the usability of the phone. So, the integration between hardware and software is one such feature that makes it more famous among the users.

No bloating software on the phone

If you are previously an Android user, you must be well conscious of the fact that Android phones come with many bloating apps. There are many unnecessary that comes pre-installed with the phone. There are even some apps that are of no use.

Further, some applications can affect your privacy. But on the other hand, iOS phones are entirely contradicting. They offer you no apps that are from Apple itself. So, you will not find any bloating apps on phones. This is one of the best comparisons between iPhone vs. android 2020.

All the best applications are first launched for iOS platforms.

It is evident that all the preeminent applications are first launched on iOS platforms. The developer designs them to launch on the iOS platform. So, if you are looking for Android vs. iOS pros and cons, this is one of the best comparisons to conclude the best decision.

Faster and smoother than Android

If you have ever used iOS, you must be well-versed that the UI of iOS is faster and smoother. It works seamlessly as compared to Android. If you are looking for what can an iPhone do that an android can’t, you must use iOS. This will help you know why iOS is better than Android.


Keeping this brief, these are the reasons why iOS is better than Android. However, this would be an injustice to say that these were the only advantages of iOS over Android. There are several other factors that will create a never-ending list. However, these were the notable ones that will help you conclude.

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