How to Use Apple AirTags?

How to Use Apple AirTags?

Are you aware of the recent invention from Apple? Apple recently launched its latest technical evolution named AirTags. Now you may be thinking AirTag is something like Airpods. Well, you may be partially correct. It is because; AirTags are wireless like Airpods. However, the functions are not the same for both these devices.

For your information, the AirTags from Apple are little tracking devices that help you track your small things like keys, Airpods, ornaments, or even iPhones. These devices are designed to help people not lose their belongings. You can integrate these AirTags to almost any device that you want, as long as it doesn’t get heated.

How do AirTags help you find your things?


All the users may think that AirTags are also wireless devices; how can these devices help you find your things. Well, AirTags from Apple uses U1 chip along with the latest technology of augmented reality. The wireless connectivity helps it connect to your iPhone and find your belongings.

However, there is one disadvantage. These AirTags from Apple only connect to the iPhone 11 and above models of the Apple iPhones. Thus, if you have AirTags and have no clue about using them, then this guide will help you use your AirTags.

How can you engage your Apple AirTags to find your lost devices?


If you have recently lost one of your belongings, and you are smart enough to integrate it with AirTags, then here is how you can find your belongings.

  • Every iPhone user gets a pre-installed app on their phone. It is the Find my app. These apps are majorly accessible on iPhones, iPads, and iPod touch; you should tap on the Find My app on your apple device.


  • Once you open the Find My app, you can see an option called the Devices option.


  • Tap on the Devices option, and you can access a list of all the AirTags near you.


  • Once you can access the list, you can now spot the Airtag that you are trying to find.


  • If the Airtag is far from you, you can play a chime that will help you locate it seamlessly. To achieve the same, you need to tap on the play sound option on your Find My App. If you still don’t find it, you can click on the Find option in the app to get the direction.


  • The Find My option actually tells you how far or how close you are to your belongings. On all the devices above iPhone 11, you can find the precision finding feature. This helps you get the exact direction. Further, you can also see a green screen on the app when you locate your belongings with AirTags attached to it.


  • When you get your belongings and the AirTags, you can exit the app and the finding mode. You can click on the cross option on your screen.



Keeping it short, this is how you can find your belongings with Apple AirTags attached to it. Now that you know the steps, you can connect and find what you need.

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