How to Connect AirPods to Android Phones?

How to Connect AirPods to Android Phones?

Connecting the AirPods to Android phones may seem to be a dream for you. This is because; none of the Apple products support pairing with Android phones. Apple launches all its accessories that only connect with Apple products or smart devices. However, there are a large fraction of people who use android phones. Not because; android phones are cheaper, but because; they do have a great range of features.

Further, the Android phones from some brands cost as much as the Apple products. However, there are even people who have phones with both brands. That implies; they use both android phones and iPhones or other Apple products. If you are one such user, you must have at least once tried connecting your AirPods to your android device.

Have you got success? It is evidently no! This is because; the Bluetooth settings in both these brands are quite different. However, there is an alternative way to connect your Android phones to AirPods. This post will explain the steps that will help you get easy connectivity with Android phones.

How can you connect your AirPods to your Android phones?

  • If you want to connect your Apple AirPods to Android smartphones, then here are the steps that you need to follow.
  • Open the setting in your Android smartphone. You can achieve this by tapping on the setting app in the app menu, or you can also open it with shortcuts. In the recent android OS versions, the settings option is accessible at the notification panel. Some users also term it as quick settings drawer.
  • Once you access the settings in your android smartphone, tap on the Bluetooth option. If you get a toggle switch on the right-hand side, you should click to turn on the Bluetooth.
  • There is one more option to turn on the Bluetooth as well. You can pull the notification panel and tap on the Bluetooth symbol.
  • In the subsequent step, you need to take out the AirPods from the charging case. But make sure that the AirPods are completely charged. If not, then keep it on the charging mode till it’s full and then connect. It would be best to keep the charging case nearby you, as the AirPods connection with Android may drain the battery rapidly.
  • After that, you can find a setup button in the charging case of the Apple AirPods. They are also known as the pair button. You should long-press the button on the case for three seconds; This will initiate the pairing mode in your AirPods. If you notice that there are white lights, it is an indication that your AirPods are available to pair now.
  • Then in the succeeding step, go to the nearby devices list on your Android Smartphone’s Bluetooth settings. Then you can find your AirPods and then connect them to your smartphone. But you should stay at 20 feet distance from your device.

Winding up, these are the steps to connect your AirPods to your android phone. Now that you know the steps connect it now.

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