Bluehost Review 2021 (Updated): Feature, Pros and Cons, and Pricing

Bluehost Review 2021 (Updated): Feature, Pros and Cons, and Pricing

Bluehost Review 2021 (Updated): the most honest review about Pricing, Pros, and Cons

If you are a beginner and searching for a comprehensive Bluehost review, you are at the right place. No doubt Bluehost is one of the most popular names when it comes to hosting. Now it has become one of the extensive brand names for WordPress hosting as well. With large financial muscles in marketing, it has become a popular WordPress hosting platform.

You will read many positive Bluehost reviews out there, as it has millions to pour into its promotions. Further, the platform also claims that they come recommended by WordPress

However, here you will find one of the most honest reviews about Bluehost. You may be aware of positive Bluehost review 2021, like a reasonable price, scalability, and great support.

In this comprehensive review, you will gain knowledge about the most detailed reality about Bluehost from experts.

Bluehost Review

After being one of the most popular hosting companies, the platform offers you a wide array of hosting plans. The hosting plans are even a delight for the WP beginners, as they offer a massive discount of more than 60% on the Bluehost pricing.

Most medium to large businesses prefers Bluehost for WordPress Hosting, as it also offers great customer support.

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For helping you find out whether Bluehost is right for you or not, this complete review will offer you a thorough analysis after a rigorous test performed by the our experts. The areas that the experts will look into are:

  • Speed

How fast will the website load after availing the hosting plans from Bluehost? What will be the server response time?

  • Performance

How does Bluehost perform under pressure? That implies; how well does it manage your website in the hike of traffic?

  • Reliability

Will your digital platform be accessible 24×7 during the whole year without any downtime?

  • Customer Support

Can you invest your faith in Bluehost customer support while you need them?

  • Features

Do they offer you all the features that are competitive to other hosting providers.

  • Price

What are the hosting plans? Do they offer you the most flexible price range?

Now that you know the areas that will get examined by the experts. Let’s start with the Bluehost pros and cons.

Bluehost Pros and Cons

Bluehost has been in the market for the longest time. Starting from 2003, they have gained enough experience to deliver excellence in their hosting service. There are many pros about Bluehost, whether it is about the affordability in the starting price or customer support.

Similarly, the hosting platform does have some cons as well. Thus, here are the pros and cons explained to help you make the best decision.


Exceptional uptime 

When you are choosing a web host, uptime is one of the most critical factors to consider. It is because; there is no time in delivering a site that is always down. The users cant access it, and you will lose business. This is why while choosing the web host service provider, you must that they offer a good uptime.

Now, when it is about uptime, the Blue host has no comparison. After reviewing about 40 web hosts, the experts find the benchmark uptime as 99-93%. The best part is Bluehost easily surpasses this benchmark. This hosting provider is easily keeping sites live for 99.96% in the whole year. This makes it clear that Bluehost has no comparison when it comes to uptime.

  1. Faster page loading

Longer page load times are never good for your business website; if the web pages of your website take time to load, you will lose your customers. It is because; none of the customers would want to wait. The longer page loading times will increase your bounce rate to 32%.

This implies; more than 32% of the visitors will leave your site. However, Bluehost is one of the most efficient hosting providers that offer you lightning-fast page loading speed. The expert finds out that the average load speed in Bluehost is 688ms. This may not be the fastest page loading speed. However, it is not bad either.

  1. Loads of security options and features 

Although Bluehost is one of the cheapest hosting providers, it also offers you a load of security options and features. Even in its most affordable plan, this platform provides you a free SSL certificate. Further, you will also get access to features such as free CDN, one-click WordPress install, multiple CMS integrations, and extra eCommerce plugins.

Further, in the higher plans, you will get security options like Spam Experts add-on. You also get domain protection and server backups. The experts were delighted to witness some of the advanced security features like Site Lock and CodeGuard. Site Lock offers protection from malware, while Code Guardoffers you daily backups.

  1. Great for beginners

Bluehost is a great web hosting provider for all beginners. Besides the low-lying plans with discounts, the beginners will also find the services and features easy to access. The Bluehost customer portal is clean; the control panel layout is much easier to use.

The new users can even install WordPress through control panels. Further, the low introductory prices are another good news. The plans are the cheapest, and the platform also offers a discount for beginners. Thus, it is the best web hosting platform for beginners.

  1. Thirty days money-back assurance 

Another great perk that you get from Bluehost is the thirty days money-back assurance. In all the hosting plans that you avail of, the platform offers you thirty days money-back assurance if you don’t see the performance. The users can also ask for a complete refund. However, you have to go through the refund terms and conditions.

  1. 24/7 customer support

Besides the features and security options, Bluehost is also known for its 24/7 customer support. It offers you live chat, call resolution, and email ticketing systems to talk with experts and solve your problems. In the support service, you will get answers to all your frequently asked questions as well.

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Even it offers you many perks; it also does have some disadvantages. There are a couple of hiccups in Bluehost as well. Thus, here are some cons that you should know about.

  1. Higher renewal rates 

Higher renewal rates are one of the most annoying things about Bluehost. You may get heavy discounts and lower hosting plans initially at the initial stage, but the renewal rates of the hosting plans are a little higher.

  1. Only US Server

Another disadvantage that you get from Bluehost is the servers. Unlike other servers, this hosting platform only offers you the option to host your website in the US. In such cases, if your readers are from different regions will access your platform, they might witness slower page loading.

  1. Poor back up options

Another con that you great from the Bluehost is a poor backup. It is because; the entry-level plans don’t offer you a good solution.

  1. Upselling Add-ons

Another disadvantage that you get from Bluehost is an aggressive up-selling step while signing up. However, you have the option to uncheck all those add-ons and move on with the things that you need.

Bluehost Performance

The next thing that you should know about Bluehost is its performance. If you are going for any web hosting services, you must look for its speed first. The hosting speed affects the user experience and makes an impeccable impact on the SEO rankings.

As per the research, even a one millisecond drop in the website’s speed can decrease your conversion rate up to 7%. That might hurt your business. If you term it in Dollars, you can lose up to 2.5 million in sales if your website speed drops.

When it comes to performance, here are few determinants that decide the performance of Bluehost.

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Security Options and Features 

The first lines up are the security options and the features. In Bluehost, you can witness too many corners on critical security options. That implies; you can find many security options. As discussed earlier in the pros, Bluehost offers you a free SSL certificate in the cheapest plan itself. The options like Spam experts add-ons are security options that enable your websites to get complete protection from spam.

In the security option, you will also get domain privacy protection to protect the private data while transmitting. The blue host offers you server backups as well.

Similarly, moving on to the features, Bluehost lets you access an abundance of features. It includes free CDN, one-tap WordPress install, Multiple CMS addition, an extensive range of eCommerce plugins. Bluehost also offers you advanced security options that include a site lock to prevent malware attacks. Further, you can also enjoy Code guard to get daily backups.

Speed Test

It is groundless to say that you will always need a faster and efficient web hosting company to achieve a faster website. As this review is helping you decide for choosing Bluehost or not, the experts commenced a test site. This is to know how fast Blue host really is in terms of speed.

The experts created the test site with a default 2020 theme. The experts also included dummy content with images and theme development. After completing the test, the experts find a web page of a size of 197 KB loads within 1.48 seconds. Now, that is something remarkable. However, to find the speed in traffic spike, the experts also commenced another test. This test used a load-impacting tool to send virtual users to the site. After bringing in about 100 visitors, the page loading time was 156.45 Millisecond, which is not bad!

Server Response time

The experts also tested the server response time using a specific website tool. This is to see how different images and content in your website load. However, the experts used an advanced website tool to test the server response time without any loading data. After commencing the test, the expert witness a remarkable performance by Bluehost. The response time of the test site in the US is 35 Milliseconds. If your tar0get audience is from the US, you will get the most significant benefit from Bluehost.

Hosting Plans

Bluehost offers you an extensive range of hosting plans. It includes shared hosting, cloud hosting, VPS hosting, WordPress hosting, Woo-commerce hosting, and many more. Here take a look at the Blue host hosting plans and their features.

What are the hosting products that you get?

  • Shared hosting- It is for all the new websites stating with minimum traffic volume.
  • Cloud hosting is a more trusted hosting product, as it allows you to use multiple cloud servers.
  • WordPress hosting- This is specifically designed for all WordPress websites. This product gets optimized to run WordPress sites and even protect them.
  • Woo Commerce Hosting- This is a hosting product that offers many eCommerce plugins for WordPress sites.
  • Virtual Private Server hosting- This product enables you to get dedicated resources even in a shared hosting environment.
  • Dedicated server hosting- this is a dedicated hosting product that will offer resources to only our website.

Plans in every hosting products

bluehost plans

In every hosting product, you will get three plans. It includes:

  • Basic-This plan enables you to host a single website only. The plan hosts one domain with 25 subdomains. Further, you get 50GB SSD storage with five email accounts with 100 GB storage.
  • Plus-The plus plan offers you unlimited websites with infinite web space. The plan offers you an unlimited email account as well.
  • Choice plus– as the name says, plus, you get extra features like free domain privacy. The plan also includes automated everyday backup with Code guard.
  • Pro-This is the most premium plan with the most features. It includes all features with your dedicated IP address.

Customer service

Before choosing any web hosting services, it is really essential to know about its customer service. The hosting service provider must be there with you at your time of need. In such cases, Bluehost is worth investing your trust in. It offers you 24/7 customer support where you can clear all your doubts. Further, the support services include live chat and on-call expert help.

Quick Facts

  • It offers you a 30 days money-back guarantee

  • Users with WordPress Websites get free website transfer. 

  • The blue host also offers a free domain for the first year.

  • The signing up process in Bluehost is seamless and can get accessed easily.

  • Bluehost receives payment from Major Credit card and even from PayPal.

  • It offers you instant account activation.

Recommendations for Beginners

Yes! Bluehost is indeed a great hosting platform for beginners. The beginners can find an abundance of offers and discounts. Further, it is also reliable in terms of server speed. The speed may not be the fastest, but it is still decent. Thus, for beginners, it is a great platform. Stay connected for more updates.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I create a Woo commerce store with the Blue host?

Yes! You can create. It is even one of the most excellent Woo-commerce hosting providers.

2. Is Bluetooth good for beginners?

Blue host any day is great for newcomers, as it offers many discounts and offers to the newcomers.

3. Will Bluehost be able to handle a higher volume of traffics?

Yes, it is capable of handling higher volumes of traffic.

4. Where are the servers of the Bluehost located?

The servers are in the Utah region of the US.

Final words

Bluehost, no doubt, perform better compared to other web hosting providers. It also offers you strong security options with advanced features. However, after reading the pros and cons, the final call is all yours.

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