Apple Car Could Come by 2024 : Cutting-edge battery technology with Lidar Sensor

Apple Car Could Come by 2024 : Cutting-edge battery technology with Lidar Sensor

Apple Car

Apple Inc. is all set to release its autonomous electric car in 2024. However, the exact Apple car release date is still unknown. The “Project Titan” began in 2014 with more than 1,000 employees working on developing the electric vehicle. The leadership issues, internal strife, and other internal problems brought the new apple car project to a halt. However, as per the recent reports, the project is once again back on track. Project Titan is also now a top priority for Apple Inc.

The Already Known Facts of Apple Car

The Apple Car 2020 will have integration with iOS as the tech-giant wants the Apple iCar to complement the global ecosystem. It will be a perfect blend of Apple’s software, hardware, and services and may even leverage the Apple chip. Moreover, according to the Apple car news, the car will showcase a next level battery technology.

The monocell design of the battery will enable the vehicle to store extra energy compared to the conventional battery. As per the reports, the Apple car will make the batteries significantly cheaper. The new Apple car will also implement the LiDAR technology to provide the drivers with a 3D view of the road.

Features of Apple Car

While it is difficult to pinpoint the exact features of the Apple iCar, certain features have been highlighted by the Apple engineers. The car will have automatic doors that will silently open and close. The interior displays will have built-in AR or VR technology for optimum entertainment.

Moreover, the car will not have any pedals or steering wheel to make it completely autonomous. The spherical wheels of the Apple car will allow driving sideways and promote a pleasing driving system. However, the features of the car are likely to change during completion.

Price Rumours

No solid pricing of the Apple Car 2020 is known yet. However, according to speculations, the Apple car price is likely to be 55,000 US Dollars. Given the technology and beauty of the Apple Car, the Apple car price in India is not going to be cheap. The optimum design of the autonomous vehicle will ensure it is worth the Apple car price.

What will the Autonomous Car be Called?

In December 2015, Apple Inc. registered three domain names, which include,, and While all the domains are related to Carplay software, none of them has been used.

The Way Ahead

Apple Inc. will continuously refresh its strategies and supply chain collaborations to carry out the project smoothly. The carplay software is a forte for the development of the autonomous car. The Apple vehicle’s introduction will revolutionize the auto industry and justify the Apple car price in India. The exceptional self-driving capabilities and extraordinary design will boost the demand for the vehicle.

As per the Apple car news, the tech giant will leave no stone unturned to ensure the optimum success of Project Titan. The Apple car release date is not final yet. However, the Apple car 2020 is likely to go for production in 2024 if Apple’s plans continue to be on track and progress smoothly. Apple Car is one of the biggest undertakings of the company till date.

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